Here Are Steps to Survive From an Earthquake
Here Are Steps to Survive From an Earthquake

Try to be calm and not panic when an earthquake disaster is announced with verified information. To prepare for earthquake prevention efforts, during and after an earthquake, so here are the guidelines:

Be Cautious Before the Earthquake

  1. Identify the area around your residence (whether it is earthquake-prone or not).
  2. When entering a building, pay attention to the location of the exit, emergency stairs, or ways to escape if at any time you have to save yourselves.
  3. In the room where you are, pay attention to safe spots to take cover when an earthquake occurs.
  4. Also pay attention to dangerous places if an earthquake occurs, such as near glass, poles or pillars, cabinets, and others.
  5. Record and save important telephone numbers that must be contacted when an earthquake occurs such as rescue team, hospital, fire department, police, and others. Turn off the water faucet, stove, gas, and electricity when finished using.

Actions When an Earthquake Occurs

  1. If you are at home: try to save yourself and your family. Take cover under the table so that the body is not exposed to falling objects. Protect your head with anything, such as a helmet, pillow, board, or both hands in a prone position.
  2. If outside the home: get down and protect your head, then move away from the building and the pillar to the open area. Do not take any action, wait until the situation is completely calm because after the first earthquake there are usually aftershocks.
  3. If you are in a shopping center or other public places: try to remain calm. Usually, the crowd in a disaster has the potential to panic. Follow the instructions from the rescue officer. Do not use the elevator when there is an earthquake or fire but use the emergency stairs, then move to open space.
  4. If in a vehicle: hold on tight so that you don’t fall after the shock or if the vehicle stops suddenly. Stay calm and follow the instructions from the officer. Ask the driver to stop the vehicle. After that move to an open place.
  5. If on a mountain or beach: an earthquake can cause landslides on mountains or hills. If you are in the mountains, move to a safer place such as an open field far from the slope. An earthquake under the sea can cause a tsunami wave, if the earthquake occurs, move to higher ground.

What to do After an Earthquake

  1. If you are still in the room or building, get out immediately. Check the situation yourself, whether there are parts of the body that are injured or crushed by objects.
  2. Ask adults to turn off electricity and gas.
  3. Do not light a fire, because gas leakage or fuel spillage can occur.
  4. If you can move, give first aid to those around you. Listen to information from reliable sources and act on the appeal.

Earthquakes can occur while you are sleeping. It is very important to arrange the bedroom to be safe from an earthquake. For example, do not put objects that easily fall from the wall of the bed. Nail the cupboard to the wall and make sure it holds really strong. Also, make sure any object doesn’t fall from above your head when there is vibration.