About Us

Earthquake and geodynamic research groups formed as a forum for researchers and engineers of the Quake Quizsf Geotechnology Research Center to develop and foster passion, talent, and competence in the field of geology and geophysics.

Besides this group becomes a place in developing competencies together, is open (inclusive) in designing and building ideas through cooperation by prioritizing the goals and their active and real participation to solve challenges or problems and in answering various national issues that arise related with earth science such as earthquakes and geological dynamics holistically in the form of hypotheses, thoughts, scientific scales, concepts, and recommendations for other stakeholders.

Disaster research activities in the Center for Geotechnology Research, especially in the field of earthquakes and active tectonics, have been running and developing more than ten years. Besides, we are also involved in collaborative research with other institutions, both national and international. The research includes marine surveys (seismic, bathymetry, sediment drilling), geothermal exploration (geophysical measurements), as well as research activities related to global climate / weather disturbances regarding rainfall, face changes and sea surface temperature, wind and or storm, wave / tsunami runoff, drought, forest fires and so on.