Find Out 5 Types of Earthquakes Based on These Causes!
Find Out 5 Types of Earthquakes Based on These Causes!

The earthquake is one of the natural disasters which naturally often takes many victims. For this reason, it feel necessary to provide you with general knowledge about earthquakes.

In this article, we will discuss the types of earthquakes based on their causes. By knowing the types of earthquakes based on their causes, you can better understand why earthquakes can occur.

What are the types of earthquakes based on their causes? Come on, see the following review!

Tectonic earthquakeTectonic Quake

Tectonic earthquakes are earthquakes caused by shifts in the earth’s plates. This earthquake can have very small vibrations to the greatest tremors. When it develops into a large-scale earthquake, tectonic earthquakes can destroy and ravage anything above the earth’s surface including.

Earthquakes that often occur in earthquake-prone countries like Indonesia are basically mostly categorized as tectonic earthquakes. If the source of the tectonic earthquake is at sea, it can cause a tsunami that can hit the plains. Like the earthquake that occurred in Lombok some time ago, much of the infrastructure in Lombok is falling apart and almost completely flattened.

Tectonic earthquake vibrations can penetrate to all parts of the earth, you know. That is, if an earthquake occurs in Indonesia, several countries around Indonesia can feel it. Depending on the starting point of the earthquake location. Tectonic earthquakes usually affect areas that occupy the Pacific cyclum and Mediterranean cyclum.

Volcanic Earthquake

Volcanic Eruption

The definition of a volcanic earthquake is an earthquake that occurs because of the movement of magma in the volcano. Usually, this type of earthquake occurs when the volcano is active and just before it erupts.

Volcanic earthquakes occur because of the enormous gas pressure on the crater blockage. So, if a tectonic earthquake is caused by friction of the earth’s plates, volcanic earthquakes are caused by gas pressure.

In contrast to tectonic earthquakes, the vibrations produced by volcanic earthquakes are only felt by residents around the volcano. In addition, when compared to tectonic earthquakes, volcanic earthquakes are not too dangerous. Because the most dangerous thing in the phenomenon of a volcanic earthquake is the phenomenon of volcanic eruptions, this one earthquake also often occurs in Indonesia, especially in areas with active volcanoes.

Artificial Earthquakes


An artificial earthquake is an earthquake caused by the use of explosives with very large explosive power. That is, this earthquake was indirectly man-made, not natural. Typically, large-scale explosives are used to tear down high-rise buildings to be replaced with new buildings.

However, there are also artificial earthquakes that occur because of testing explosives, such as testing nuclear bombs or other explosives that have explosive power equivalent to nuclear bombs. The vibrations that occur are caused by explosions and various objects that hit the earth when blown up.

This earthquake is local; that’s why the earthquake was only felt around the explosion. But you must be wary when the event occurs. For example, in one area, there is a plan for blowing up a multi-story casino building. Warn the casino players to stay at their home for their safety. Or you can told them to stay in their home for a while. The collapse of the building’s debris to the earth would cause tremors. The vibration will felt by residents around the building was torn down.

Earthquake Collapse

An earthquake is an earthquake that occurs as a result of a landslide. Landslides can be caused by erosion or collapsed limestone mountains. Or, it could also occur because of a collapsed mining site.

Earthquake vibrations that occur from earthquake collapse come from falling rocks due to landslides to the earth’s crust. The vibrations generated by this earthquake will not spread to other areas, and the natural environment is felt by residents around the landslide.

This type of earthquake collapse is very rare. Whenever it happens, it indicates that natural damage has occurred in the earthquake area.

Collision Earthquakes


A collision earthquake is an earthquake produced by the fall of celestial bodies, such as asteroids and meteors, to the surface of the earth. This tremor was caused by the impact of a collision between a falling celestial body and the surface of the earth.

The result of the collision, in addition to causing vibrations on the surface of the earth, also caused the creation of craters or holes in the surface of the earth. The crater can be small and can be large, depending on the size of the celestial body that hits the surface of the earth.

This collision earthquake is very rare nowadays because there has not been an event of the fall of heavenly bodies in recent years.

Those are several types of an earthquake based on the cause. If you want to continue to update with a variety of useful information, then you must continue to follow various news articles on our Blog.