Sbobet Company Open Volunteer to Help Lombok Earthquake Victims
Sbobet Company Open Volunteer to Help Lombok Earthquake Victims

ASEAN countries poured funds amounting to 40 million yen or equivalent to Rp5 billion for victims and earthquake recovery in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

Many companies try to provide assistance and open services for volunteers to go directly. One of them is the casino and gambling game company sbobet in the Philippines, which has long provided all types of complete online gambling from almost all sports. SBOBET Inc. felt cared for and moved to ease the burden on the victims

Representative from this activity said the assistance came from donations of the Japanese Red Cross Society of 10 million yen and government contributions, including some civil society organizations amounting to 30 million yen.

“This assistance is a form of retaliation because Indonesia was present when Japan was hit by the earthquake and tsunami some time ago,” he said as he handed over symbolically to Red Cross Organization in Indonesia.

“Therefore, whatever we can do, we are ready to help Indonesia. We are with Indonesian citizens and the government,” he added.

An earthquake measuring 7 on the Richter scale again struck Lombok and surrounding areas. Based on data from the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), the earthquake that felt as far as Bali Island has so far killed 460 people and injured 7,773 others.

As many as 396 people died in North Lombok Regency, 39 people in West Lombok Regency, 12 people in East Lombok Regency, nine people in Mataram City, two people in Central Lombok Regency, and two people in Denpasar City.

Meanwhile, of the thousands of people injured, 959 people were seriously injured to require hospitalization, and the remaining 6,774 suffered minor or moderate injuries on an outpatient stage.

BNPB also recorded a loss of Rp. 7.45 trillion, in which at least 71,962 houses were severely damaged, moderately, to mild. In addition, as many as 671 units of educational facilities, 52 units of health facilities, 128 units of worship facilities, 20 units of offices, and 6 units of bridges were damaged.

In addition to financial assistance, Japan would help supply clean water and medical aid for earthquake victims.

Not only Japan, but many countries have also contributed to the Indonesian government to help restore conditions in Lombok.
The Taiwanese government is willing to offer assistance to rebuild 100 damaged homes at the cost of around Rp 3 billion.

Singapore has also spent IDR 1.4 billion as initial funding for the recovery of the Lombok earthquake. The funds were obtained from public fundraising held by the Singapore Red Cross.

Not wanting to be left behind, China also contributed at least Rp1.44 billion to victims affected by the Lombok earthquake.

Not only aid but the Lombok earthquake also highlighted the world’s attention. Many friendly countries such as Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, Britain, and Iran also expressed their condolences and support for the citizens and the government of Indonesia, especially the families of the victims affected by the disaster.